Benefits Of A PPE Vending Machine To An Organization

Increasingly, organizations and businesses today are actively pursuing ways of cutting costs and enhancing operational efficiency. As a result, usage of inventory management solutions has come to the fore. Whereas employee education and training is vital, it is also imperative that employees are equipped with the right personal protective equipment (also referred to as ‘ppe’) every time they are working. Ppe vending machines are used to dispense masks, goggles, gloves, hard hats and other ppe items that are necessary in order to ensure that your employees are able to perform their duties safely and more efficiently. Here are several advantages of using a ppe vending machine system as opposed to the regular inventory methods:

Cost savings

Because the personal protective equipment is delivered in a controlled manner, employees who use the vending machine will most likely be more careful. Using the machine will also mean that they will make fewer mistakes when choosing their kits. Further,they will be less inclined to go for new gear unnecessarily. This translates to improved rates of equipment reuse, which in turn minimizes wastage and boosts employee efficiency.

The machines are designed in a way that reduces the probability of equipment theft. In addition,they are easy to install and maintain. Organizations also have an option of leasing instead of purchasing them outright, which ensures long-term cost savings.

Enhanced inventory management

An employee will be required to use his or her employee ID or an access card before gaining access to the ppe vending machine. The machine can be set up in such a way that employee can only access particular kits depending on their job description requirements and assigned tasks. This improves inventory management and helps to minimize wastage. The system can also generate tracking reports which give an insight into crucial operational information such as equipment usage. Using such reports, the organization can devise ways of optimizing its stock management strategies going forward.

Better restocking efficiency

The ppe vending systems can be configured to signal when important equipment is running out of stock. When reorder levels of the safety equipment are attained, the system can be set up to alert the management or even the supplier through email. This way, employees are assured of having protective equipment as they carry out their work, and they do not have to go to specific warehouses in order to get the required supplies. The end result is that personal protective equipment supplies are obtained quickly and more efficiently.

Improved accountability

The vending machines can help to increase employee awareness and accountability when it comes to using the corporate resources. When they know they are being accurately tracked, they will think twice about wasting supplies and getting new kits. There are organizations which go further and show the price tags for the kits in the ppe vending machines.

Easier regulatory compliance and safety

The system produces reports on product usage that can be used to ensure regulatory compliance. These reports are automated, which means they are accurate and more reliable than manually-generated reports. Therefore, they are more useful when it comes to making important management decisions, and this makes it easier to comply with the laid-down industry regulations. When there is an audit or incident investigation, these reports can provide valuable documentation.

Because most of the ppe vending systems use a key card to track both the inventory and the employee, managers are able to know who used the machine, if there are enough first aid supplies and so on. The employees have free access to the machines and they do not have to look for a manager or supervisor to access them. This can help to drive better safety awareness and behavior among the employees. In case of an accident, any safety concerns can be addressed immediately.