Four Halloween themed costumes for kids

As the fall season quickly approaches and the heat of summer slowly fades away, many people begin to prepare for the month of October while also pondering Halloween costume ideas for kids. Although searching for the perfect outfit for your child can be difficult at times, especially if your youngster has some rather lofty expectations, there are several quality costumes available that will make your little treat quite happy. Noting safety first when it comes to Halloween attire, especially when trick-or-treating at night where proper vision and the ability to walk without obstruction is critical, listed below are four wonderful costume ideas for children.


Witch Costume

Although very simple and traditional, dressing your daughter as a witch for Halloween can be quite cute and fun for everyone involved. Complete with a simple black dress highlighted with a touch of orange and red near the bottom for added effect, this costume also features black leggings/stockings, black shoes, and the stereotypical black pointed hat and broom. Although the concept of dressing up as a witch for the scariest night of the year has been a tradition for generations, many times sticking with an old standby is the way to go. This is especially the case when it comes to the attire of children. While Halloween costume ideas for kids can often get out of hand in terms of wild masks and overall problematic accessories that can block a child’s vision and even the ability to breathe properly, the witch costume noted above is not only a wonderful and traditional look but provides no obstructions. Based on appearance this particular costume looks like it would be easy to put on and take off which is also an added bonus.

Superhero Costume

When it comes to Halloween costume ideas for kids it is almost impossible to go wrong with a superhero, most notably Superman. Free of face and leg obstruction (perfect cape length) this traditional Superman costume is perfect for any young boy who is ready to face the world in grand fashion on Halloween night. Complete with Superman’s traditional blue and red attire as well as his signature “S” across the chest, this particular costume also features some muscle indention on the chest and abdominal area. While those aspects are quite subtle, they essentially serve to complete the costume in terms of realism.

Classic Halloween Costume

Perfect for any boy or girl, this pumpkin costume serves to represent the season in classic fashion. Quite often viewed by many as the “logo” for the season, dressing up as a pumpkin is about as simple and effective as it gets. It terms of detail, this costume features an arm length black top as well as long black pants. Essentially serving as a base for the pumpkin, the black attire also helps to embellish the look of the main attraction. In respect to the pumpkin itself, its slightly saggy appearance, complete with green trim, adds a lot to the cute factor. With the final touch of a small pumpkin hat, essentially replicating the top of a hollowed out true to life pumpkin, this entire look is perfect to include on your list of the best Halloween costume ideas for kids.

Beware of the Wolfman! Introducing a nice healthy scare onto your list of Halloween costume ideas for kids, dressing your little boy like the Wolfman could be a real treat this October. Seemingly safe in terms of ensuring proper vision and the ability to walk without interference, this particular Wolfman costume is very simple yet strikingly effective. Featuring a slightly ragged and torn flannel shirt and basic blue jeans, this costume really comes to life thanks to some hairy hand and feet accessories as well as a prominent head covering. Rounding out the look is the slight appearance of facial makeup which is designed to make the transformation complete.

Be sure to make a truly amazing costume for your kid this year!