Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas for Guys

Christmas is fast approaching and so is the need for homemade Christmas gift ideas for guys. Companies that produce gifts are working day and night to make sure that they meet the high demand for Christmas gifts. While the gifts are usually cool and just fine for many people, some people feel tired of going to the same old store to buy mass-produced gifts. If you want a friend to feel special this festive season, give them a DIY gift. You’ll also feel good about yourself especially if you make something that your friend will be using even after Christmas. Below are some creative DIY ideas.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Root Beer


Who doesn’t love reindeers and root beer? This gift idea is among the most interesting homemade Christmas gift ideas for guys. You’ll need a bottle of IBC root beer, a ribbon, any size of red pom-pom and two googly “eyes”. The IBC root beer bottle will make a perfect body for a reindeer. You can use red pipe cleaners and work you magic on the antlers. Then, attach everything using hot glue and surprise your friend. People who don’t love root beer are not left out in this gift plan. Use soda bottles in the place of IBC root beer bottle. You can pack several reindeers for a group of friends too.

Roll beeswax Christmas tree candles


Beeswax candles are elegant as a gift or as the centerpiece for the Christmas tree and can’t miss in any list of homemade Christmas gift ideas for guys. Purchase sheet bee’s wax from shops that sell honey and other bees’ products. You also need a hairdryer, thin string wicks, and a knife or a pair of scissors. Cut the string wick to a height slightly bigger that the height of the wax. Make the wax softer and easier to roll using the hairdryer. Place your wick on one end of the wax and fold over until the end of the wax. Make sure that there are no pieces of wick sticking out and that the layers of the rolled wax stay together. Wrap each candle separately and present the gift.

DIY Lantern Vases


This is one of the simplest of the homemade Christmas gift ideas for guys. Perforated metal sheets can be used on radiator covers as cute lanterns and vases. This project will require you to make a nice sketch on paper to make sure metal pieces are cut to the right proportions. Place the template on the perforated metal sheet and outline the cut lines with a pencil. Wrap the metal cutouts around a can (using a can helps to avoid bends on the metal sheet). Thread the ends of the resultant cylinder with a gauze wire and twist tight. Cut excess wire and spray paint the cylinder using a favorite color. The cylinder can also be used as a vase by adding kitchen-size glasses and flowers.

DIY Photo Canvas


Get a canvas and poster print of a photo. The photo should be at least 2 inches longer and 2 inches wider that the canvas. You also need Matte Mod Podge, a foam brush, duct tape, and canvas fabric. Spread a layer of Mod-podge over the front of the canvas and place your photo on the canvas. Press the photo with your finger or a brayer, if you have one. Turn the canvas and press along its underside. After the mod podge has dried completely, wrap the photo around the edges of the canvas and remove any creases with your fingers. Brush mod podge onto one of the sides of the canvas using the foam brush. You can add texture to the photo canvas by brushing thin layers of mod podge onto the front side of the canvas until you are impressed by what you see.

It’s Chrismas! These homemade Christmas gift ideas for guys are going to make lovely memories.